"Surprised But Not Delighted"
Pop-Up show at Jealous Gallery, 53 Curtain Road London
3rd + 4th March 2016

The show explored technology startup culture: the value of ideas, the price of ambitions, and the promise technology makes to the hopeful. www.surprisedbutnotdelighted.com

tenantspin ONTOUR at The Fifth Floor: Ideas Taking Space, Tate Liverpool
tenantspin commission 


tenantspin, FACT’s key collaborative project went ‘ON TOUR’ as part of Tate Liverpool’s Fifth Floor Ideas Taking Space exhibition.  Tate Liverpool was transformed “into a space for encounter and collaboration, imagination, invention and a celebration of ideas that takes you on a journey to another level, beyond the gallery walls.” Katie’s collaboration with tenantspin put a TV studio in Tate Liverpool and invited anyone to come in, have a cup of tea and “be on the telly”. The work explored the concept of talk shows, enabling audiences to become talk show producers, crew and presenters. The work was both observed and created on set in the gallery and everywhere online. Participants self organised, creating their own shows with some becoming regulars in turn generating their own audience.

The Bold Street Project
FACT Commission


Bold Street, the “Bond Street of the North” is perhaps Liverpool’s favourite street and was the subject of an intensive exploration by FACT commencing in 2007. Along with artist Michelle Wren, Katie Lips was commissioned to explore how technology could enable public interaction with both the history of Bold Street and its geography — online archives and physical interventions.  Before Social Media was an expected part of any such participative work, the work used platforms YouTube, Flickr, Wordpress, Skype, Twitter and others to engage new Liverpool and global audiences. The Bold Street project became self generating; audiences created and shared new archive material and commentary on the history and future of the street and of the city.



Exhibited at WRO 05: 11th international Media Art Biennale
Freeloader’s mission was simple: to use the Internet to 'bypass' what traditionally had been under the control of the telcos and media companies. At the time it was common that people paid for ringtones; Freeloader attempted to change this by allowing anyone who already had a digital music on their PC to listen to it on their phone. In 2005 this was new, as was allowing users to share their creations with others.  The early ‘prosumer’ artwork explored the concept of user generated content across both web and mobile platforms and was exhibited at WRO 05 International Media Biennale in Wroclaw, Poland.



160 was part of the S19.Afflatus Project, Art for Mobile Devices. Pre-WhatsApp, pre-Smartphone, when many could only store a limited number of SMS on their phone, Katie Lips created 160 - taking the SMS messages out of the mobile phone and into a new context.